Citation XLS Charter

Citation XLS Charter


The Citation XLS is a Super Light Jet, part of the Citation family, built by Cessna which is now part of the Textron Aviation group. The Citation XLS evolved as a “makeover” of the Citation Excel, including an updated cockpit and upgraded engines.

The XLS can accommodate up to 8 passengers in its stand-up cabin and has one of the best baggage capacities in its class.

In 2008 Cessna launched the Citation XLS+, which gained many features from the Citation X and Citation Sovereign, such as a revised nose design and an upgraded avionics suite in the cockpit.

The Citation XLS is an ideal choice for short and medium charter flights, especially with demanding baggage requirements.

Citation XLS Range Map

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Aircraft Summary

Cessna - Textron Aviation
Super light jet
Fully Enclosed
Flight Attendant:
On Request
Typical Catering:
Cold VIP Catering
Maximum Passengers:
3,426 km
Cruising Speed:
787 km/h