Cessna C208 Caravan Charter

Cessna C208 Caravan Charter


The Cessna C208 Caravan is a turboprop first introduced by the Cessna Aircraft Company in the early 1980s.

Designed initially as an aircraft to transport cargo loads remote landing strips, the Caravan evolved into one of the most popular passenger Turboprops on the market. The aircraft’s robust high wing design, combined with a highly reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine, makes the Caravan one of Cessna’s best sold aircraft – with over 2.500 flying worldwide.

The most common variant of the Cessna C208 Caravan on the charter market, is the Grand Caravan 208B which is 1.2m longer than the original 208 and can seat up to 11 passengers comfortably.

The Cessna C208 Caravan is also available in an Amphibian variant, which allows for both water and land operations thanks to its floats with retractable landing gear.

Cessna C208 Caravan Range Map

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Aircraft Summary

Cessna - Textron Aviation
Flight Attendant:
Typical Catering:
Drinks & Snacks
Maximum Passengers:
1,648 km
Cruising Speed:
333 km/h