Challenger 604 Charter

Challenger 604 Charter


The Bombardier Challenger 604 is a twin-engined and jet aircraft, part of the 600 series, manufactured by Bombardier (formerly Canadair) since 1987. The Challenger 604 belongs to the Heavy Jet category.

Over 1,000 aircraft of this type have been built - making it a very popular choice for charter flights with good availability, performance and reliability.

The Challenger 604 is a further development of the Challenger 600 and 601, with seating for up to 19 passengers (in a high-density seating configuration). In a more luxurious configuration the aircraft seats between 8 and 10 passengers. Compared to the 601, the 604 received new CF34 turbofan engines which can fly roughly 11 per cent faster than its predecessor and extended the aircraft's range quite significantly.

With additional fuel tanks in the rear of the aircraft, the range was increased to 6.112 km (3.300 nautical miles). This range increase was a crucial step in making the aircraft a long-haul aircraft, with the new range allowing direct transatlantic flights for the first time.

The Challenger 604 features a large interior, with a typical configuration of four-chair leather club seats at the front of the cabin, and a divan with two vis-a-vis club seats at the rear. The chairs are typically fully reclining and are able to swivel, whereas the divans may be used for sleeping. In a high-density configuration, the aircraft cabin can be reconfigured to comfortably seat up to 18 passengers - lowering the cost per passenger significantly.

As a North-American built aircraft, the majority of Challenger 604 aircraft are located in the United States, followed by Europe and Asia. The aircraft's popularity within the United States stems from its ideal range for coast to coast flights.

With a cruise speed of Mach 0.80, the Bombardier 604 is one of the fastest aircraft in its category, however the aircraft's performance does very much depend on the range of the mission and the number of passengers. For longer flights, a slower so-called "Long-Range Cruise" is flown, which corresponds to a cruise speed roughly Mach 0.74.

How much does a Challenger 604 cost?

The purchase price of a new Challenger 604 is roughly $27m. On the used market however, prices can be as low as $5m. According to AvBuyer, the hourly variable operating cost for the Challenger 604 is roughly $ 3.100 USD.

In terms of charter: the hourly rate for a Challenger 604 starts at roughly € 6.000 (~ £ 5,400 or $ 6.700 USD) per flight hour. This cost per hour typically includes a flight attendant and warm VIP catering for longer flights.

Some example charter rates for the Challenger 604:

  • Teteboro - Miami: $ 30.000 USD
  • Frankfurt - Dubai: $ 50.000 USD
  • Teteboro - Van Nuys: $ 55.000 USD
  • London - Teteboro: $ 85.000 USD

For an accurate charter estimate, please use our online cost calculator and send us a flight request.

What is the baggage capacity of a Challenger 604?

The Bombardier Challenger 604 can hold up to 115 cubic feet (3.25 cubic metres) of baggage.

This corresponds to roughly 12 standard size suitcases plus additional carry-on sized soft bags and golf bags. The baggage compartment can be accessed in flight, a feature which is rather unique to this aircraft.

Challenger 604 Range Map

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Aircraft Summary

Heavy jet
Fully Enclosed
Flight Attendant:
Typical Catering:
Warm VIP Catering
Maximum Passengers:
6,112 km
Cruising Speed:
833 km/h